President's Message

Hello Everyone,

I am both honored and excited to have been elected to serve as the Richmond Chapter President for the 2022-2023 year. As we navigate the changes happening in the world emerging from the pandemic, the Richmond Board is committed to rebuilding our networks and opportunities for members, whether they be virtual or outside of the home.

I’d like to thank all former Board Members for their hard work, as well as extend congratulations and appreciation for all of our 2022-2023 Board Members! The Board is already working hard to plan a variety of opportunities for both current and new members to continue education and expand their networks.

When I moved to Richmond to start my accounting career, I was blown away by the amount of talented and knowledgeable accounting and finance professionals I connected with here. I started seeking out different groups and certifications in order to build my network and expand my skills, and that’s when I discovered the IMA.

Being a member of the IMA has allowed me to further my skills through various continuing education opportunities, the CMA and CSCA designations, and has helped me grow my network and be a better accountant overall. I’ve been so grateful to connect and work with so many talented individuals within the IMA, and I am so excited to serve as President now and give back to the organizations and communities that have supported our growth as accountants here in Richmond.  

As President, I’m committed to serving the Richmond Chapter by helping to plan a variety of engagement events, recruiting new members and speakers, encouraging CMA and CSCA studies, and helping to make our organization one that empowers our local accountants. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know more about how IMA has impacted you and how the Board can continue to support you all this year.

Alexis Lewis


IMA-Richmond Chapter